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Eyes to Burma

The town of Mae Sot lies in the mountainous area of west central Thailand, right on the Burmese border, and this is where we met Fred Stockwell. Fred landed in Mae Sot about 10 years ago as a travel photographer, stumbled upon the dump on the outskirts of town where hundreds of Burmese refugees were trying to survive off the garbage heaps, and he has been there ever since…… His project is called Eyes to Burma, a relief effort to support this community, supply health care and run a small school. Please follow the link below to read more. Mae Sot is now on Roadrunners regular Thailand to Burma road tour route, and we are happy to be in a position to support this project, along with help from individual tour participants.

Eyes to Burma Link


School House


Fred with some of the students


Class Room

IMG_1512 IMG_1517


IMG_5740 copy

Home at the Dump

IMG_5736 copy

The School House

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Roadrunners group touring the site

IMG_5747 copy

Fred and Rob

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